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The Limited Edition

The limited edition is in a 4x4x4 inch high quality display case with a brass plaque on the front along with a booklet which explains who Donald Trump is and what he stands for and his personal crap sits high on a pedestal which he likes to be placed.

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The Original Edition

100 percent fake gold with100 percent crap underneath, comes complete with it’s own toilet paper along with a booklet containing instructions and full of Donald Trumpisms that exposes him for what he really is full of crap. A gift box included.

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Donald Trump's Words of Wisdom:

“If you can’t get rich dealing with politicians, there’s something wrong with you.” Donald Trump

1. Trump Mortgage 2006-2007 – GONE  2. Trump Steaks 2007- -GONE  3.Trump Vodka 2001-2011- GONE  4.Trump: The Game 1989-1990 (revised the game in 2001)- GONE 5.Trump Ice shut down 2010 – GONE  6. 2006-2007 (luxury travel agency) – GONE  7.Trump Magazine 2007-2009 – GONE  8.The New Jersey Generals 1983-1985 (Us Football League) – GONE  9.Trump Airlines 1989 -1992 – GONE  10.Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc declared bankruptcy 4 times 1991,2004, 2009, 2014 still in business BARELY  11. Trump Tower Tampa 2006-2007 “licensee”  12.Trump University 2005-2011 sued by NY Attorney General for defrauding students –  13. Trump under indictment 2016

Trump companies that went under – GONE

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